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Investing is a very private and personal matter. Each individuals’ financial goals are different. For that reason, we customize a financial plan for every partner we serve. The process however for building this plan is very standardized. We implement a 4-step process in building our partnership.

It is very important that our partners are comfortable with their relationship with R6. For this reason, every new prospect will have an introduction to R6 and the members of our team to see if the partnership will serve as a solid foundation for their financial future.

We have a very systematic process for gathering the information needed to decipher your financial needs. The financial world is very vast. The products, services and solutions are even greater. The discovery process often allows up to understand the needs of each person to meet their financial goals.

Following a very detailed and comprehensive discovery appointment, we lay out the appropriate investment options. Remember, investing is a very collaborative process. We will lay out the best strategies available in the industry and then collaborate with you to finalize the financial plan.

Investing requires constant education. The industry is constantly evolving. For this reason, we set up and ongoing appointment schedule to make sure we have consistent contact with our partners.