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Investment portfolio management is the process of selecting and managing a combination of assets (such as stocks, bonds, and cash) to achieve a specific financial goal. This includes selecting the right mix of investments, monitoring performance, and making adjustments as needed to ensure the portfolio aligns with the investor's risk tolerance and long-term financial objectives. Effective portfolio management can help investors achieve higher returns while minimizing risk. Each investors needs and goals vary. For this reason, we will implement a customize strategy to build and maintain your investment portfolio.


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Our managing partner Kyle Roulet has said throughout his entire career “ We do not have account minimums. We have personality minimums. We strive to create long term partnerships, in order to do that we want to enjoy the partners we work with.

At R6 we look at every new partnership from an estate planning perspective.  Our standardized process beings with a discovery appointment to truly understand your goals.  From there we will build a complete investment strategy tailored to meet these goals.

The financial professionals at R6 are licensed to handle every aspect of your financial planning needs.  From private wealth creation to complex legacy strategies.  We got you covered.